[quagga-users 8021] Re: Route-map to filter advertized routes

Collins, Richard (SNL US) rich.collins at siemens.com
Tue Feb 13 09:02:47 GMT 2007

 Can you still communicate with the neighbors if you refine the
network statment into smaller networks and purposely leave out the
network which would overlap with the connected host routes?

i.e. area area

The network statements are really to match the interfaces and the
mask of the interface becomes part of the database.

Once this is done you can selectively redistribute the other connected

How big is then the "show ip ospf database" after the  AS External Link

For example:
       AS External Link States

Link ID         ADV Router      Age  Seq#       CkSum  Route          147 0x80000362 0x5727 E2
[0xc9]      1424 0x8000002b 0x30b1 E2


>Ian FREISLICH wrote:
>> "Collins, Richard \(SNL US\)" wrote:
>> > It looks good to me and yes you can use route-maps that way.
>> >
>> > Make sure that the network doesn't overlap with
>> > those routes.
>> It will for a small set of the routes.  That's unavoidable.  And
>> it's this network in particular that I'm trying to avoid the host
>> routes, but I might as well filter the other connected host routes
>> because their network route will also be advertised.
>Thanks for the pointer.  Further testing destermined that it's just
>connected host addresses in the same network as the "(ospf) network
>net/mask' that still get redistributed.
>Is there any particular reason for this or is it 'just the way
>things are'? 

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