[quagga-users 8119] OSPF on unnumbered PPP links

Daniel Ng daniel_ng11 at lycos.com
Fri Mar 9 05:24:16 GMT 2007


I'm running quagga-0.99.6 on 2 powerpc-uclibc-based machines. They are linked 
by a single unnumbered PPP connection. Each also has a single Ethernet IP 

As you might know, Linux deals with unnumbered PPP links by assigning the IP 
address of one of the other interfaces on a machine, to the PPP link interface.

In this case, the ethernet's IP address is assigned to the unnumbered PPP 
interface on each machine respectively.

I notice if I only specify the PPP and eth0 interfaces in my ospf.conf file, a 
Full Neighbour Adjaceny is *not* established (in fact no sort of adjaceny is 
estabilshed at all. I have checked the PPP connectivity which is fine). 

I've discovered I have to specify the IP network address of the *Ethernet* 
interfaces in the ospf.conf files in order to get full adjacency across the PPP 

But what if I don't want OSPF on the ethernet interfaces?

Also, is there a way to configure OSPF so that you can specify which 
*interfaces* to use rather than specifying which *networks*?


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