[quagga-users 8141] Re: OSPF on unnumbered PPP links

Daniel Ng daniel_ng11 at lycos.com
Wed Mar 14 06:20:42 GMT 2007

> Yes, that is 100% correct.  I know it seems rather strange, but that's
> the way the configuration language was designed years ago.  There
> is a recent enhancement to allow one to specify the interfaces
> explicitly (with the 'ip ospf area' interface subbcomand), but
> that feature has not been patched into quagga yet.
> It would probably be a good idea for somebody to implement this
> patch, since people always seem to get confused about how to specify
> which interfaces OSPF should run on.

It would also help us a great deal if we could specify OSPF via interfaces 
rather than via networks.

How big would this change be? What do you mean by 'recent enhancement'? Has the 
code been implemented but a patch just isn't available? If it's not too big a 
change, and there's not a lot of background info to learn, I could give it a 
go. What exactly remains to be done to have this feature available?


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