[quagga-users 8386] Re: Problem on co-operation of BGPD and ZEBRAD

ZHU Yuncheng haoyu at cernet.edu.cn
Fri May 11 23:26:15 IST 2007

Finally I found that the same compile works for another machine,
but never for this one, however I tried.

Thank you for help and I think '-z' will be useful.


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> The possible problems are:
> - you didn't create the localstatedir, e.g. if you create
>    /var/run/quagga, what happens?
> - zebra doesn't have the permissions to create the socket, or bgpd
>    does not have perms to open it. Use a tool like strace or truss or
>    dtrace to tell (e.g. strace -e open bgpd).
> - you are using daemons compiled seperately, with differing ideas of
>    where to create/find the zserv.api socket.
>    Solution: Double check you've not done this and/or recompile and
>    replace all daemons to ensure this built-in path is consistent.
> A patch to add a '--zserv-socket/-z' argument to all daemons would be 
> welcomed I think.
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