[quagga-users 8424] PLEASE HELP - OSPF problem - ospfd.conf ATTACHED

Amal Banerjee abanerj at ece.utexas.edu
Wed May 23 16:53:39 IST 2007

   This is a rejoinder to one of my previous messages. I have added
   my ospf.conf file below for easy reference:

! -*- ospf -*-
! OSPFd sample configuration file
!hostname ospfd
hostname localhost
password zebra
!enable password please-set-at-here

debug ospf packet all
debug ospf zebra interface
debug ospf zebra redistribute

interface dev15313
  ip ospf cost 1
  ip ospf hello-interval 10
  ip ospf dead-interval 40
  ip ospf network broadcast
  ip ospf priority 5
  ip ospf retransmit-interval 15
  ip ospf transmit-delay 25

router ospf

ospf router-id

ospf abr-type standard

ospf rfc1583compatibility

network area 0

timers spf 0 100

area range

redistribute kernel
redistribute connected

log file /var/log/quagga/ospf.log

log stdout

On Wed, 23 May 2007, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 01:27:40PM -0500, Amal Banerjee wrote:
>>    I am a newbie to Quagga, and running into lots of problems.
>>    The test setup is very simple, with two routers, of which
>>    one is Quagga. I am using Wireshark to sniff on packets and
>>    find out what is going on.
>>    The interface parameters are identical e.g. Hello Interval = 10
>>    secs, Router Dead Interval = 40 seconds and so on.
>>    One router has IP and the other
>>    The network type is point-to-point. While Quagga uses OSPFv2,
>>    the other router is RFC 1583 compatible, and in the ospfd.conf
>>    file, I set the compatibility to 1583 for Quagga.
>>    When the network type is set to Point-to-Point on both routers,
>>    and I examine the Hello packets, I find that BOTH the DR and
>>    BDR are set to on each. When I set the network type to
>>    'broadcast' then both routers designate themselves as the '
>>    Designated Router' i.e., the 'Designated Router' IP on
>>    is set to and the 'Designated Router' IP on
>>    is set to As a consequence, the adjacency relationship
>>    between the two is never established.
>>    Could someone please suggest what is wrong? Any hints or suggestions
>>    would be greatly appreciated.
>>    Thank you.
> What is your network area defined as?
> DR and BDR only apply to broadcast networks.  For point to point links
> there is no such thing.
> Maybe post of ospfd.conf file.
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> Len Sorensen
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