[quagga-users 8449] Re: TCP MD5 Signature + New Linux Kernel

Pedro Torres torres at pop-pr.rnp.br
Mon May 28 13:13:49 IST 2007

Ok! Probably is the same problem.
Are you using Torsten or Leigh patch?


> I've had the exact same problem. Two quagga with the hasso patch (2.6.14
> or so) can peer with MD5 no problem. They can also peer with
> Cisco/Juniper with MD5.
> Setup a machine with 2.6.20 and the new TCP_MD5SIG and quagga will peer
> fine with Cisco/Juniper with MD5, but not with the older quagga. I
> haven't tried with 2.6.21 yet. The oldquagga-newquagga BGP does work if
> I disable MD5 for that session.

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