[quagga-users 8484] Re: TCP MD5 Signature + New Linux Kernel

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Thu May 31 15:18:22 IST 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 15:57 -0300, Felipe Grazziotin - SouthTech
SuperDatacenter wrote:
> Jeffrey C. Ollie escreveu:
> > ...
> > I tried integrating the FreeBSD and one of the Linux MD5 patches but it
> > was very difficult, especially as I have no FreeBSD systems to
> > compile/test with.  I think that the better option would be to pick one
> > of the patches (either *BSD or Linux, doesn't matter), forget about all
> > of the other patches, and port the patch you chose to the other systems.
> >   
> I'm afraid that our choise ignores that every OS has it own API and 
> different data structures.

Yes & no... if you compare the FreeBSD and the Linux patches closely
they do very similar things at the "Quagga level" in terms of config
file support & cli commands, storage of passwords in internal data
structures.  It's only when it gets down to the OS level of "turn MD5
signatures on with password 'X'" or "turn off MD5 signatures" that the
patches really diverge.  That platform-specific code is relatively small
and confined to one area and could easily have a platform-specific
#ifdef'd sections.


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