[quagga-users 8967] (non-quagga specific) Suggestions Intra-AS protocol ?

Felipe Grazziotin - SouthTech SuperDatacenter fgrazziotin at stech.net.br
Tue Oct 9 17:52:49 IST 2007

Hello list,

what do you recommend for an intra-AS protocol for a growing network?

There aren't many remote points, and currently all routers are in the 
same network segment talking iBGP to each other. Sounds like a great 
solution so far, but I've seen the in a short (few months) more routers 
will be necessary to segregate (internally) the network in more pieces. 
Should I move to RIP or OSPF to do internal routing?

How do you work with smaller pieces? Having the iBGP handling many /28, 
/29, /30 blocks and filtering (and/or route-aggregating) them to the 

All ideas will be appreciated, and keep in mind that even hypothetical 
scenarios are going to be nice.

If this isn't the place to discuss this kind of subject, please excuse 
me, and give me pointers to better places. Any bibliography suggested ?

Thanks for your time,

Felipe Grazziotin

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