[quagga-users 9028] mpls-te; does it work?

Joe Pellegrino joe.pellegrino at lakota-tsi.com
Wed Oct 24 12:18:06 IST 2007

I have been trying to get the 'mpls-te' component of quagga to work for a
bit now but it doesn't seem to be happening. I was hoping someone here could
lend a hand. I have four nodes connected in a mesh with a node hanging off
two opposite corners. I have been trying to restrict the available bandwidth
using the TE component of quagga. Each node has a running zebra and ospfd
compiled with the --enable-snmp, --enable-opaque-lsa, and --enable-ospf-te
switches and the configuration files look as decribed below. 

The links I am testing through has a capacity of 100mbits and whether I use
the below configuration or a stock, not-te config, it seems that I max out
the available bandwidth regardless of what is in the zebra config file. Any
help would be appreciated and more information can be provided if needed.
Based on the mpls-te link max-bw I would expect at most 72mbits/sec but that
doesn't seem to be the case. Does anyone have any input, Thanks. :) 

! Zebra configuration saved from vty
!   2007/10/17 18:20:43
hostname ospfd_beamNet1
password zebra
log file /usr/local/tmp/ospfd.log
interface bge0
 ip ospf hello-interval 1
 ip ospf dead-interval 2
 mpls-te link metric 5
 mpls-te link max-bw 9e+06
 mpls-te link max-rsv-bw 8.5e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 0 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 1 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 2 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 3 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 4 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 5 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 6 1e+06
 mpls-te link unrsv-bw 7 1e+06
 mpls-te link rsc-clsclr 0x10
interface lo0
interface plip0
router ospf
 compatible rfc1583
 network area
  mpls-te router-address
smux peer quagga_ospfd
line vty
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