[quagga-users 8835] Re: virtual-link to connect OSPF areas redundant to the backbone

Andreas Unterkircher unki at netshadow.at
Wed Sep 5 09:03:00 IST 2007

Hello Paul,

>> E.g. RA3 in the above is an ABR, so it /must/ have a back-bone
>> connection through area A and/or B, virtual or otherwise.

I noticed now, that also without the virtual-link, RA3 does something
else. RA4 is an VPN terminator (linux based), which distributes kernel
routes with a metric of 100 (metric-type 1) into the Area A. RA3
prefers to use the more expensive way RA3-RA2-RA4 instead of

If I understand correctly, what happens is along the RFC - use
intra-area routes before inter-area, as RA3 is the ABR between Area
A & B. I guess I can't change that behavior. But all other routers
in Area B will take care of the metrics, as for them it is always
inter-area routing.


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