[quagga-users 8903] Quagga on SCSI interface - VMWare ESX

Steele, John jsteele at eds.com
Mon Sep 17 19:41:27 IST 2007

I have been successfully using Quagga on VMWare Server with an IDE disk
drive configuration using FreeBSD as the OS. This works very well in a
complex simulated network.

I now need to use the same package in VMWare ESX which does not support
IDE disk emulation, only SCSI.

When I try to install Quagga into FreeBSD with SCSI emulated drives it
appears to install correctly (no errors reported) but the quagga file is
not created in /usr/local/etc/rd.d. When I try to start quagga in my
rc.conf script it fails with libm.so.3 not found.

I am a relative novice with UNIX and there may be other diagnostic
functions that I can use that I am not familiar with. There may be
another way of installing - I have gone for the simple approach.

My environment is:

FreeBSD 6.2
Quagga 0.99.7_2 installed as a package into FreeBSD.

John Steele

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