[quagga-users 8932] Re: ERROR on zebra run

Paul Jakma Paul.Jakma at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 21 13:16:08 IST 2007


On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, ekol at edu.teiath.gr wrote:

> Paul,
> Thank you very much for your promt reply.

You're welcome :).

> I 've installed
> quagga-libs-0.99.7-20070429-solaris2.10-sparc.pkg  and
> quagga-daemons-0.99.7-20070429-solaris2.10-sparc.pkg

Ok, these aren't going to work in a zone. As per my previous reply, 
to run anything other than bgp in a non-global zone, you'll need:

- a recent version of Solaris:

   - Solaris 10 8/07 (ie the most recent update of Solaris)
   - Solaris Express (either the Community or Developer edition)

- updated Quagga packages (not released yet - I can send them to you in
   private if you'd like to test)

Even for bgp, you need to make a small modification.

You havn't yet confirmed which version of Solaris 10 you are running ;). 
I'll presume you're not running S10 8/07, as that's only out a few 

> Now I try to run /usr/sbin/zebra & and I still get the error:
> zprivs_caps_init: error setting permitted set!, Not owner

Right. That's expected.

> Weel, I am trying to have bgp running as I implement an AS112 server.

What are you trying to do? Is the machine doing forwarding, or just 
speaking BGP (and no more). If the latter, you *dont* need to run zebra 
at all.

bgpd /will/ run in a zone, by itself (with a trivial modification).

> 2. how to have a suitable zebra,conf
>  I now have
> interface lo0:1
> link-detect

This won't work, for several reasons:

- zebra can not plumb interfaces, even in global zones
- zebra 'thinks' in terms of physical interfaces (on Solaris, in terms
   of the primary IP interface) - so specifying 'lo0:1' is wrong.
- zebra will not run in a zone

If you only need to run bgpd, you just need to:

- use zonecfg to assign addresses via a shared-stack to the zone, assign

- just run bgpd

   (remove the 'ZCAP_NET_RAW' line from bgpd/bgp_main.c, or
    see attached patch, or ask me to send you updated SUNWquagga

Paul Jakma,
Solaris Networking                       Sun Microsystems, Scotland
http://opensolaris.org/os/project/quagga tel: EMEA x73150 / +44 15066 73150

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