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Benjamin Malynovytch bm.lists at ipgarde.com
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Hi Mike,

In fact, we host tens of Windows servers and we do use iptables based
firewall, but I wouldn't suggest you to place the iptables on the border
routers, because of potential performance issues (firewall + bgp on the same
machine may use lots of CPU) and access / control issues.
I think that you should seperate things : routing on one side, filtering on
the other. In our own case, we use transparent firewalling, and the Windows
boxes have their own public IP addresses.

Best regards,


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On Sunday 30 December 2007 21:53:35 Mike Williams wrote:
> and throw in some simple iptables filtering.

Thanks again to everyone who has responded to my perhaps slightly nooby 
Could I just get some clarification on this one point?
It'd be nice to be able to allow only certain ports to some of the IPs in
block(s) being routed. For example, I'm half expecting one project to
some *shudder* windows machines to have real public IP addresses, but would 
obviously prefer some real limitations on what ports the public internet can

Is it practical, or even recommened, to use iptables for simple filtering on

the router itself? Or perhaps is there a better way?


Mike Williams
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