[quagga-users 9723] quagga-netsnmpd smux issue...

Alejandro Islas alex.islas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 00:16:51 IST 2008

Hi all, I've been trying to establish smux comunication between  quagga and
netsnmp in order to get rip2 mib data. I already compiled quagga with enable
snmp option, configure both snmpd.conf and ripd.conf, but still can't make
it work.

here's my ripd.conf smux configuration

smux peer . ripd

and here's the ripd log portion of smux

2008/07/23 18:09:45 RIP: RIPd 0.99.5 starting: vty at 2602
2008/07/23 18:09:45 RIP: SMUX_CLOSE with reason: 5

Here's my snmpd.conf smux configuration:

smuxpeer . ripd

and here's the snmp log portion for smux

NET-SNMP version
smux: [smux_accept] Calling accept()
[smux_accept] accepted fd 9 from
smux: [smux_open_process] version 0, len 33, type 2
smux: [smux_open_process] smux peer: GNOME-PRODUCT-ZEBRA-MIB::ripd
smux: [smux_open_process] len 21, type 6
smux: [smux_open_process] smux peer descr: Quagga-0.99.5
smux: [smux_open_process] len 6, type 4
smux: [smux_open_process] smux peer passwd: ripd
smux: [smux_open_process] len 0, type 4
refused smux peer: oid GNOME-PRODUCT-ZEBRA-MIB::ripd, descr Quagga-0.99.5
smux: [smux_close] sending close to fd 9, reason 5
smux: [smux_accept] peer on 9 failed authentication

I don't know if I need them but I copied the GNOME-PRODUCT-ZEBRA-MIB.txt mib
to the snmp default mibs directory. Does anybody know what else I need to do
to make it work??? As far as I found on the web, I'd done all the necessary
steps, so I don't know what else I'm missing.

Thanks in advance,

Alejandro Islas
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