[quagga-users 9725] Re: building quagga 0.99.10 on OS X 10.5

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Jul 25 12:51:05 IST 2008

           I have been trying to build quagga 0.99.10 on my OS X 10.5 intel  
  iMac. I can build 0.98.6 but have been unable to build either 0.99.6  
  or 0.99.10.

  Undefined symbols:
     "_redistribute_delete", referenced from:
         _rib_uninstall in zebra_rib.o
         _process_subq in zebra_rib.o
         _process_subq in zebra_rib.o

shared library linking on OS X is odd in ways that I don't really
understand.  I suspect the problem is related to that.

The compiler flags change seems to mostly add warnings, and that doesn't
seem o be what is causing you trouble.

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