[quagga-users 9614] Writing out empty config files

Chris Smith king at subtopia.org
Fri Jun 6 21:39:47 IST 2008

I've just downloaded compiled Quagga (0.99.9 - unstable) on a Centos 4
machine. Some warnings when compiling but no errors. Its up and running ok,
apart from one odd thing, 
Whenever I issue a write command to save my config back to disk, it blanks
out my config file!?
Does anyone know why on earth this would be? I've read and re-read the docs
but can't figure this out. As far as I can tell permissions are all fine -
or it wouldn't be able to wipe my config file.
Even though I'm running unstable, I wouldn't have thought that config
write's would be messed up. Has anyone else had this problem?


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