[quagga-users 9615] Re: Writing out empty config files

Alex Broque broquea at he.net
Fri Jun 6 14:26:18 IST 2008

I notice similar to this on 0.96.5, that after 100KB the configuration 
file zebra.conf is set 0KB even thought the config is still in running 
memory. Unfortunately because quagga higher than 0.96.5 flaps IPv6 BGP 
sessions like a hummingbird (bug #385) I haven't had time to try higher 
versions for the blanking of configuration file. If I find some unused 
hardware I'll try the rev you used and see if it does the same.

Chris Smith wrote:
> I've just downloaded compiled Quagga (0.99.9 - unstable) on a Centos 4
> machine. Some warnings when compiling but no errors. Its up and running ok,
> apart from one odd thing, 
> Whenever I issue a write command to save my config back to disk, it blanks
> out my config file!?
> Does anyone know why on earth this would be? I've read and re-read the docs
> but can't figure this out. As far as I can tell permissions are all fine -
> or it wouldn't be able to wipe my config file.
> Even though I'm running unstable, I wouldn't have thought that config
> write's would be messed up. Has anyone else had this problem?
> Thanks
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