[quagga-users 9649] Re: ospf question

Spyou root at spyou.org
Tue Jun 17 00:12:25 IST 2008

At 22:45 16/06/2008, Ed Brown wrote:
>I don't know ospf well, but am trying to understand possible 
>configuration issues.  If my question isn't clear or sensible, 
>please let me know.  Is there a security issue with using the same 
>ospf area on both sides of a firewall?  As in:
>router ospf
>    ospf router-id foo
>    network <internal-ip>/30  area <>
>    network <external-ip>/30  area <>

The only issue that i'm seeing is if you're not in charge of the 
<external-ip> subnet and cannot control what OSPF neighbor you can have on it.

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