[quagga-users 9467] calling zebra from bgp

Kevv Raja kevvraja at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 13:02:30 IST 2008

  I am trying to connect to zebra server from bgp. For that I am calling 
zebra like this

static struct zclient *zclient1;
zclient1 = zclient_new();
zclient_init(zclient1, ZEBRA_ROUTE_BGP);


If I use the above code I am not able to open socket. Its returning 
zclient1->sock as -1
When I followed the code, at
returning error, which is thread it connect

I realized I have to connect to thread or add this to a thread. I tried 
to connect to thread, but couldn't succeed.
Could anyone suggest me how I can solve this or if I am making any error.

Thanks in advance


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