[quagga-users 10148] BGP ISP/Customer example?

Bret Clark bclark at spectraaccess.com
Sat Nov 15 21:01:03 GMT 2008

We are a small ISP running BGP on our core routers with no problem. We 
recently signed up our first customer who wants to peer with our BGP 
routers and receive the full routings tables. I've already got our 
upstream providers to allow their block to be announced through our 
upstream connections and I've configured route-map's on our servers so 
that the customer can only announce his block to me.

Now my dumb question...I don't actually have to announce his block in my 
config using network x.x.x.x command right? His BGP server will announce 
to ours, and our bgp routers then advertise the routes upstream? I'm 
asking because when I go to some external route servers I'm not seeing 
my customers route as be available through our BGP servers.

Is there a basic example somewhere that I can look at?

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