[quagga-users 9876] Re: bgpd stops responding when zebra is busy

Oliver Hookins oliver.hookins at anchor.com.au
Wed Sep 3 06:40:23 IST 2008

I'd still like any suggestions for how to avoid bgpd locking up when it
tells zebra to withdraw and add a large number of routes.

As another list member pointed out, the commands "clear ip bgp X soft
(in|out)" and "clear ip bgp X (in|out)" are the same command (as I've shown
from the code snippets below). Is the behaviour I'm seeing in bgpd a bug or
just a known limitation?

>> DEFUN (clear_ip_bgp_peer_soft_in,
>>       clear_ip_bgp_peer_soft_in_cmd,
>>       "clear ip bgp A.B.C.D soft in",

>> ALIAS (clear_ip_bgp_peer_soft_in,
>>       clear_ip_bgp_peer_in_cmd,
>>       "clear ip bgp A.B.C.D in",

>DEFUN (clear_ip_bgp_peer_soft_out,
>       clear_ip_bgp_peer_soft_out_cmd,
>       "clear ip bgp A.B.C.D soft out",

>ALIAS (clear_ip_bgp_peer_soft_out,
>       clear_ip_bgp_peer_out_cmd,
>       "clear ip bgp A.B.C.D out",

Oliver Hookins
Anchor Systems

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