[quagga-users 9882] Help RIPNG can send but not receive

Larry Marquis lmarquis at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 4 16:47:28 IST 2008

Help ?

I'm trying to use the RIPng component of the Quagga routing GPL software

My  problem is RIPng can send RIPng protocol messages but does not receive
I am monitoring the network with Wireshark and can see RIPng messages from
other routers,
and can see the RIPng messages broadcast by my RIPng node.

In an effort to determine if the problem is my Linux configuration or
Quagga RIPng I constructed
a simple example program (based on the RIPng code) to read messages from
the group
address "ff02::9" on the RIPng port 521.

The simple example program behaves like Quagga RIPng in that it does not
the group multicast messages.

So my assumption is that my Linux configuration is not correct for passing
multicast group
messages to my application (RIPng.) The sysctl value
net.ipv6.conf.all.forwarding is 1. If there
something else I need to do to enable receive of group multicast message ?

I'm running Centos5  linux.


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