[quagga-users 9888] Re: secondary ip address

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Tue Sep 9 15:21:18 IST 2008

Edinilson - ATINET wrote:
> I´m using quagga version 0.99.10 (installed from ports) on a freebsd 7.0.
> I´m trying to put a secondary ip address in an interface but zebra says that 
> secondary parameter is invalid.
> I´m trying:
> ip address OTHER-ADDRESS/29 secondary
> Any idea?


....don't use the secondary parameter.

Quagga will merrily add an additional IP address to an interface
implicitly. (I've done this numerous times).

I've found that the 'no ip add xxx' is the only way to _change_ an IP on
an interface.



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