[quagga-users 9910] Re: iBGP problem

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Tue Sep 23 14:32:57 IST 2008

Peter van den Heuvel wrote:

> I might be making some very stupid mistakes as I'm not very well versed 
> in BGP and because I find the (Quagga and Cisco) documentation rather 
> unclear. Nevertheless I'm suspecting this is a 64 bit issue in Quagga. 
> I'm quite happy to provide topology graphs, configs, sh ip bgp's etc. 
> but don't think its nice to flood the list. So let me know what details 
> you want on- or off-list.

My belief is that we learn much of what we know by making mistakes.
Hence, there is no such thing as a stupid mistake ;)

Can you provide a topo diagram of the infrastructure (with IPs), and the
BGP config and route table for both EU routers?

If more info is needed, we can look at the Canadian routers at that time.



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