[quagga-users 9933] Re: route-map changes require bgpd restart?

Oliver Hookins oliver.hookins at anchor.com.au
Thu Sep 25 09:37:15 IST 2008

On Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 10:22:45 +0200, Akolinare wrote:
>I try to change route-map settings (metric and as-path prepend). One my router all seems to be fine - the changes appear in the config but the other router not received any of these changes. After restart the bgpd daemon the new settings are active but I want to avoid a restart. (quagga version 0.99.10 and 0.98.6 tested)
>I dont know if it is a bug or a feature. Have I missed a command after leaving the route-map editor to activate these settings? I looked around the documentation and the list. The only thread I found is already one year old and without a "result":
>I would be appreciative for any advice/help.

Route-maps are effective immediately for any updated information in bgpd,
but existing advertisements or received prefixes need to be re-evaluated
against your updated config.

You can either take down the session with the peer and bring it up again, or
if you add the soft-reconfiguration option to your peer config your can do a
soft reconfigure against that peer (although bear in mind this will increase
the memory requirements of bgpd). Something like the following

clear ip bgp X.X.X.X soft in
clear ip bgp X.X.X.X soft out

These will re-evaluate the received data from your peer against the new
route-maps and update the peer with any changes to the data you are
advertising due to the updated route-maps respectively.

Hope that help, even though my description is not the best.

Oliver Hookins
Anchor Systems

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