[quagga-users 9945] Re: Multiple OSPF router instances?

paul at clubi.ie paul at clubi.ie
Sat Sep 27 18:15:40 IST 2008

On Sat, 27 Sep 2008, Alexis Rosen wrote:

> Simple... At least on Ciscos there's no way to filter OSPF routes 
> you hear from a neighbor. You can prevent them from getting into 
> your FIB, but the LSAs stay in the OSPF database and are propogated 
> to other routers. Contrast this with RIP2, or BGP, where you can 
> apply route-maps, prefix-lists, etc. to incoming route 
> announcements. This can be useful for many reasons.


Well, first off, google for "why can't i filter ospf" ("I'm feeling 
lucky" should work). Assuming you've read that, there are 

a) You can filter between OSPF areas

b) You can filter what goes into the zebra FIB with route-maps, I

> Using the hack I suggested or the "right" way?

Implementing multi-instance OSPF.

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