[quagga-users 9952] Re: iBGP problem

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Tue Sep 30 14:19:17 IST 2008

Peter van den Heuvel wrote:

> In the "ip route show" from cpl.bbq.grid all the 10-range addresses are 
> routed over the default gateway ( but should be routed over 
> either or Pinging to any of these addresses does of 
> course not work as is in this case the gateway to the 
> internet. The same thing happened on three new machines I am preparing 
> to be connected to the Ca routers.

I have a couple of thoughts, but need to hone down to a more basic level...

First, show me (from the cpl.bbq.grid router):

- sh ip bgp
- sh ip prefix-list

Then, since I don't know if the le or ge works with access lists, can
you (on cpl.bbq.grid):

- on the ACLs for 'allow', replace them with:
'ip prefix-list NetGrid permit ge 8'

- change your route-map(s) to the following format:
'match ip address prefix-list NetGrid'

...without testing it, and I may be wrong, I think that your router is
looking to match only and not the longer prefixes. This would
have the effect of dropping the incoming prefixes, and blanketing the
entire 10/8 address space with the default-route.



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