[quagga-users 10993] Re: quagga and 2 isp - how set operator A to a primary

Jack Carrozzo jack at crepinc.com
Wed Aug 5 15:03:48 IST 2009

Oh, then just set the weights. See below if you need help:


-Jack Carrozzo

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 9:59 AM, For at ll<forall at stalowka.info> wrote:
> Jack Carrozzo pisze:
>> What routing protocols are you using... do you speak BGP to both
>> providers?
>> Since you didn't mention it, I'll assume no... One way to accomplish
>> this (and make it a little more fault tolerant) is to add a gateway
>> for each ISP. Drop 0/0 into OSPF from each box, but set the metrics
>> such that ISP A is chosen over B. This way A will be chosen by your
>> internal gateways, but will move over to B in the event A fails. You
>> can set your hello-interval quite low and get sub-second convergence.
> Hi,
> I using a bgp procotol with both providers, and I was looking how to resolve
> my problem.
> All trafic input and output with my first providers which name (A).
> For at ll

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