[quagga-users 10995] Linux kernel support for large FIB

Anirban Sinha ASinha at zeugmasystems.com
Wed Aug 5 23:30:38 IST 2009

Hi All:

We need to support about 512K routes in the kernel FIB for the BGP
routing software built in-house. We are using off-the-shelf linux kernel
2.6.26 from linux-mips.org for our mips platform. Since you guys are
already working on this BGP routing space, I am wondering if you guys
can answer two of my questions:

(a) Is the Linux kernel able to support the large FIB size? If not, are
there any patches available for this support?
(b) Are there any known performance implications for having a  very
large number of routing entries in the kernel? We are uing about 4 gigs
of memory (RAM).

I will be really grateful if any of you guys can throw some insights
into these questions. 

Thanks for the time.



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