[quagga-users 11238] Re: non interactive vtysh

Jørgen Sander-Larsen jsl at fuzion.dk
Tue Dec 8 14:30:47 GMT 2009

Hi Vlad

You can use multiple -c arguments:

vtysh -c "sh run" -c "sh int"

but I don't know if the router will stay in "conf t" mode between the commands. I'll leave that to You to find out :-)

Jorgen Sander-Larsen

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"Can anybody find me sombody to..."

Please, help with vtysh.

Some tasks need to execute commands in command mode, something like [vtysh
-c "command string"].

If I execute commands in interactive mode, I have no problems.

For example:

zebra# configure terminal
zebra(config)# interface eth2
zebra(config -if)# ip address

zebra# show interface eth2

But if I collect all of these commands in -c mode, like this:

# vtysh -c "configure terminal interface eth2 ip address"

command returns 

"%Unknown command"


Where is a mistake?

Something like  

# vtysh -c "show interface eth2" 

works correctly.

OS - CentOS 5.3
package - quagga 0.98.6 - 5.el5

vtysh.conf contains "user root nopassword"


Vlad Goreletsky,

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