[quagga-users 11257] How to inform ospf process that BGP session is down?

Matys Łukasz lukasz at e-matys.com
Sun Dec 13 17:58:30 GMT 2009

Hello everybody.

I have OSPF AREA0 (the backbone). There are 5 routers, and two of them 
are edge routers which have BGP sessions to my ISP provaider (to two 
routers: primary and secondary for redudancy)). Both of these two 
routers send MED attribute do ISP to decide which way the ISP should 
sends packets to me. Both of my routers are injecting defalut gateway to 
others routers at area0, one with 5 metric, and one with 6, and it works 
perfectly. When one of my edge routers is down, the second take the role 
and inject it def. gateway and everything work ok.

But when my routers are working ok, and primary ISP router is down, the 
ISP sends packets to me trought my secondary router, but other routers 
at my area0, still have default gateway from my primary router, and the 
"internet" is down :/

So the question is: how to inform ospf process at my primary router not 
to inject default gateway to other my routers at area0 when the BGP 
session at my primary router to the ISP is down?


Matys Łukasz
mobile: (+ 48) 504257944
gg: 6808288

Red Hat Certified Engineer
CN: 805008539731256

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