[quagga-users 11266] Re: Quagga + bgp + PIX + access lists

Matys Łukasz lukasz at e-matys.com
Tue Dec 15 18:39:03 GMT 2009

Matys Łukasz pisze:
> Hello.
> I have got router with quagga. I have one upstream (ip transit) + one 
> PIX. At this momment I generate prefix lists from PIX using "peval" with 
> RIPE and AS-SET of PIX. But I would like to automate this process 
> without resetting bgp session with pix. How can I achieve this?
> Haw can I pusch and reset new prefix access list based on peval and ripe 
> to quagga bgp process?
> Regards.

Or, how can I execute a command to the bgp process from shell ? For 
example using cron.

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