[quagga-users 11281] How to prefer OSPF over BGP at quagga?

Matys Łukasz lukasz at e-matys.com
Tue Dec 29 12:20:22 GMT 2009

I have got Area0. There are some routers using ospf. Two of them also 
have BGP session between them. The problem is that, this two routers 
prefer BGP routes over OSPF routes. When I telnet 2601 I can see that 
BGP routes have mteric 0, and OSPF routes have metric 20. So the kernel 
instals BGP routes in the Linux routing table. My question is, how to 
enforce bgp routes to have for example metric 50 ?


Matys Łukasz
mobile: (+ 48) 504257944
gg: 6808288

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