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Sun Dec 6 23:23:09 GMT 2009

better reason as to why they are denying your prefixes. It may not hurt
to just ask them to send their filters/route-maps to you to see what
they may be trying to do on their end.

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> With that said, are the config snips for the working providers =20
> *exactly*
> the same as the one that is not working? You aren't missing a
> 'next-hop-self' by chance, are you?

Nope.  Everyone looks exactly the same.  Actually, that's not true.  =20
Two of the transit sessions aren't even using the update-source =20
statement, and they're working just fine. Nobody has "next-hop-=20
self".   That being said, I did think about next-hop-self as a =20
possible solution to this.   I'm not enough of a guru to know for sure =20
if that would address their issue.

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