[quagga-users 10920] Re: IPv6 BGP session down.

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Thu Jul 16 01:04:40 IST 2009

Jan Hugo Prins wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have 2 BGP routers on my edge, and one of them is currently having a
> IPv6 transit connection.
> The other BGP router in the same AS has a BGP session on IPv6 to this
> first BGP router (iBGP ?) and this way, he also has all the IPv6 routes.
> Last week I noticed that I had a IPv6 routing issue and when I checked
> nagios, the IPv6 BGP session between the 2 edge routers was down. It is
> not in production yet, but the IPv4 part is so I didn't want to restart
> the BGP daemons.
> The only fix I then had was removing the configuration from the config
> and putting it back in. That brought the session back up and everything
> worked again.
> I'm running Quagga 0.99.12.
> The only thing I saw in the logfile at that moment was:
> 2009/07/14 10:45:48 BGP: %NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor
> 2a02:b70:0:503::3 4/0 (Hold Timer Expired) 0 bytes

Show the relevant config pieces for IPv6 on both routers.

Do the routers in the same AS peer via loopback?

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