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Alexander Nedelchev A_Nedelchev at Focus-News.net
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You can look into /usr/local/share/examples/quagga/ for configuration examples.
The one configuration file which you must have is zebra.conf. Of course, with the
right corrections of that file, to suit your needs. You can start your zebra.conf file with

hostname Router
password zebra
enable password zebra

That zebra.conf must be placed in /usr/local/etc/quagga/

The other examples in /usr/local/share/examples/quagga/ are configuration examples
of the daemons which you can run with quagga. In case you want to run bgp with quagga,
please review the bgpd.conf.sample and bgpd.conf.sample2 files.

After creating your own bgpd.conf file, you have to place it in /usr/local/etc/quagga/ too.

In order to start your quagga along with the daemons which you would like, place the following
configuration in your /etc/rc.conf file:


quagga_daemons="zebra bgpd"

in this option you`re specifying the daemons which you want to run with quagga, in this case,
zebra and bgpd


After that, use /usr/local/etc/rc.d/quagga start. In the processlist you should have zebra and bgpd
as processes.

The other configuration file, depending 

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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to setup a Quagga test rig with FreeBSD 7.2 and the current
stable Quagga. I got some warning on compile including configure telling
me I should use a GNU compiler so I built it with "GMake" which still
gave some warning about ambiguous variables. The install produced
executables and sample.conf files. I list the steps I ended up doing
below but I cannot find any overview of how best to setup Quagga on

The start commands do not error below but I cannot see any Quagga or
Zebra process running. Renaming the conf file does cause the start
commands to fail complaining of no config file. Any ideas what might be

pkg_add -r gawk (Configure fails without "gawk")
pkg_add -r gmake

Extract Quagga tar.gz


usr/local/bin/gmake install

Config files in:
cd /usr/local/etc/
Copy servicename.conf.sample to servicename.conf and edit
hostnames/passwords to suit

Prep rc.conf
echo quagga_enable=\"YES\" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo router_enable=\"NO\" >> /etc/rc.conf
echo watchquagga_enable=\"YES\" >> /etc/rc.conf

Start Quagga:
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/quagga start
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/watchquagga start

I have used RHEL for years but this is my first outing with BSD so
please excuse any rookie type mistakes.



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