[quagga-users 10984] Re: bgp multiple instance

Adrian Ban bluelightning at mantech.ro
Fri Jul 31 14:25:36 IST 2009

Yes, i looked at this project, but first is outdated for a long timp: 
kernel 2.6.8. Second i don't find any implementation of VRF for Quagga. 
It is a project named MPLS for Linux that implements, but there is 
dificult to apply.

Everton Marques wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 10:11 PM, Adrian Ban<bluelightning at mantech.ro> wrote:
>> This is an intresting question. I'm intrested too about of implementation of
>> VRF on linux via Quagga. If any body tell us if there is any project to
>> implement a VRF function in Quagga, i'll apreciate that.
> Have you looked at Linux VRF ?
> http://linux-vrf.sourceforge.net/
> Everton

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