[quagga-users 10587] bgpd crash - apologies

Geert Jan de Groot GeertJan.deGroot at xs4all.nl
Sun May 3 22:38:54 IST 2009


I learned today that a BGP announcement for which I am the tech-c,
is causing difficulties with Quagga. First of all, I apologise;
it's only today that I heard about these difficulties.

I arrived less than 20 hours ago in Cairo as part of a setup-team 
for the upcoming AfNOG-10 meeting. We will be multi-homed this time, 
and hence applied for (and obtained) an ASN. Per RIR-policy active since
1-1-2009, these ASNs are 32-bit ASNs so AS327686 (AS5.6) is what
is used.

Currently, the local host team is provisioning links etc
and hence you may have seen this problem come and go.
I do not know why they choose to do prepending, but suspect
it has to do with ability to set policy.

I have a very, very long list of things to set up for the conference
but will try any of the workarounds that have been suggested
to me today. 
At the same time, I kindly but strongly ask to implement 
the fix that has been posted on various lists.

One of the aims of this setup is to demonstrate that 32-bit ASNs 
do work and people should not steer away from them, especially
since the pool of 16-bit ASNs is shrinking fast.
A showcase network goes a long way in this regard. 
I do apologise for this unexpected, undesired side-effect.
This was obviously not intended, and I apologise.

It was 1996 when Paul Traina, at that time with Cisco, was
doing AS path prepending for the very first time.
This caused an assertion error with gated, which 
(among others) ANS was using at that time. 
I did administer AS3333 back then and my gated boxes, too,
did crash, so I have been "victimized" myself before.
It is perhaps ironic that 12 years later I'm again involved.

Again, my sincere apologies.

Geert Jan

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