[quagga-users 11288] Stupid BGP question / problem

John Brown john at citylinkfiber.com
Mon Jan 4 20:57:59 GMT 2010

Happy New Year folks,

I say this is stupid because it is probably a simple setting or I'm
forgetting something..

Here is the environment.

1 Cisco 7507 router running BGP

2 Dell 2850's running FreeBSD / Quagga (latest version)

Cisco ---> Dell-01 <----- Another Provider #1
           Dell-02 <----- Another Provider #2

Cisco, Dell-01 and Dell-02 are all in the same ASN

Provider 1 and 2 are different providers

I can bring BGP up from Cisco to Dell-01 (iBGP)
I can bring BGP up from Dell-01 to Dell-02 (iBGP)

The providers all come up as well (eBGP)

The issue is that routes announced by Cisco to Dell-01 DO NOT propagate
to Dell-02

I need those routes to come into both Dell's and then go out to the two
different providers.

I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong with the scheme.

Any ideas>>


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