[quagga-users 11298] Changing stub to stub no-summary won't remove inter-area routes.

DATACOM - Haesbaert haesbaert at datacom.ind.br
Thu Jan 7 17:41:29 GMT 2010

Hi there,

I'm new to OSPF and quagga in general so take it easy :P.

I have a setup where area 40 is configured as stub, everything works
as expected, but then I want it to become a stub no-summary area, I
set it, but the old inter-area routes still and their LSA are still on
the other router, if I generate a link-down, the routes come back as
expected (read: no inter-area routes).

Is there some sort of timeout ?

When I change some area configurations shouldn't that be advertised
for other routers ?

Is this expected ? I'm quite confused about the AGEing process, if
someone could explain I would be glad.

Thanks in advance.
Christiano Farina HAESBAERT
Av. França,735 - Porto Alegre, RS - 90230-220
Fone: 51 3358 0163
FAX: 51 3358 0101
haesbaert at datacom.ind.br

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