[quagga-users 11302] very newbish question regarding netwok discovery

Christopher Barry christopher.barry at rackwareinc.com
Sun Jan 10 19:42:15 GMT 2010

Greetings all,

This is my fist post to this group.

My question is around a use of Quagga, and potentially OSPF that is
likely very non-standard.

Use Case:
A compute system with multiple interfaces whose attached networks are
not known is temporarily booted with a special Linux image running
(potentially) quagga.

This Linux image would use OSPF (or some other protocol) to determine
what networks each interface was attached to. Ideally, no IP addresses
would be configured on the system during this process. Scripts would
record this information (e.g. the system interface/attached subnet
pairing) for future understanding about the system's network

Is this use case even remotely possible? And if so, can anyone here give
me some advice on where to begin to implement such a system?


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