[quagga-users 11316] Re: Ripd does not currently support equal cost multipath routing

Adrian Terranova aterranova at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 11:30:04 GMT 2010


I'm not sure this is a limitation in the quagga routing suite - or if
it is a feature of the ip routing core in linux. I don't see a simple
(route add default blah) way - with just plain old multiple default
routing to get an even distribution between (2) local gateways. (i.e -
it may not be trivial for quagga to do this with local routing tables)

There might be a  way with iproute2 to do this - but I've not investigated.

Think this requires some combination of routing tables and traffic
control to get what you desire. (And I'm a quagga newb - so not sure
how these are possible with the core routing protocols.)


2010/1/20 Antonio Modesto Guirado Puerta <antonio.guirado at f-integra.org>:
> Hello,
> I've read that RIPD does not support equal cost multipath routing.
> In the documentation there is the following sentence:
> "In a case of similar information with the same prefix and metric, the
> old information will be suppressed. Ripd does not currently support
> equal cost multipath routing."
> I'd like know if there is a patch to solve what I think is a serious
> limitation. We want use RIPD to balance upload traffic is 2 DSL lines.
> The balancer is a debian machine with quagga suite. The routers are very
> simple and it only suports RIP protocols.
> Thanks in advanced.
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