[quagga-users 11322] Re: Inbound route-map filter with Quagga (BGP)

Sim simvirus at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 10:11:16 GMT 2010

> Prefix lists are also good.  Shortly, there should be code which optimises
> their processing (i.e. much faster than access-lists).

Thanks for all reply!
All reply are very useful, but my true problem is this:

I have 2 Quagga BGP Server with 2 different carrier (different AS) and iBGP.

I've local preference for all outgoing route, but from one of these AS
I receive some more specific network than other.


1° Quagga BGP Server  (local preference for outgoing)

2° Quagga BGP Server

Is there a config or solution for bypass this "network" issue ? ;-)

Thanks again



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