[quagga-users 11324] Question about classify packets by route information in linux.

Anton warm at stack.ru
Wed Jan 27 12:33:11 GMT 2010


Sorry for little off-topic. This is not exactly quagga question but I use quagga for this in IPv4.

My task is to separate all traffic into two (or passable more) groups and then classify packets in two ways
in HTB. Now I use route realms. I change default route to realm 1 and other routes have realm 0 (default
realm is 0). Then I can easy classify packets by their realm like this:

 tc filter add dev eth0 parent 1:0 protocol ip prio 10 route from 1 to 0 classid 1:100

Realm 0 are the connected networks and other routes which quagga receives by bgp or rip -- very dynamic list
of nets. All is fine with IPv4. IPv6 linux stack has no realm support. I asked in linux-net mail list and they
said no support :-(.

My question: is any other possibility to easy classify packets by some route information received from
dynamic routing protocols in linux ?

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