[quagga-users 11399] Puzzled with filters.

Xavier Beaudouin kiwi at oav.net
Wed Mar 10 21:32:26 GMT 2010

Hi there,

I am trying to figure why a filter doesn't work and why there is a filter.

Here is the fact :

- a Cisco 3550 has the following configuration :

 router bgp 35189
 no synchronization
 bgp router-id 193.xxx.xxx.5
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 bgp deterministic-med
 redistribute connected
 redistribute static
 neighbor to-core peer-group
 neighbor to-core remote-as 35189
 no neighbor to-core transport path-mtu-discovery
 neighbor to-core ebgp-multihop 10
 neighbor to-core update-source Loopback0
 neighbor to-core next-hop-self
 neighbor to-core soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor 193.xxx.xxx.3 peer-group to-core
 no auto-summary

- a quagga router, FreeBSD 8.0-pl2 / quagga 0.99.15 + some patches (ports + one ipv6 related patch)

router bgp 35189
 bgp router-id 193.xxx.xxx.3
 bgp log-neighbor-changes
 bgp always-compare-med
 bgp deterministic-med
 network 193.xxx.xxx.0/23 route-map default-as35189-routes
 network 193.xxx.yyy.0/22 route-map default-as35189-routes
 network 193.xxx.zzz.0/24 route-map default-as35189-routes
 neighbor core-default-gw peer-group
 neighbor core-default-gw remote-as 35189
 neighbor core-default-gw description Send default gw only
 neighbor core-default-gw update-source lo0
 neighbor core-default-gw capability dynamic
 neighbor core-default-gw next-hop-self
 neighbor core-default-gw default-originate
 neighbor core-default-gw soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor core-default-gw prefix-list igppfx out
 neighbor core-default-gw route-map igp-rules in
 neighbor 193.xxx.xxx.1 peer-group core-default-gw
 neighbor 193.xxx.xxx.5 peer-group core-default-gw
ip prefix-list igppfx description Prefixes autorise en IGP
ip prefix-list igppfx seq 1 permit
ip prefix-list igppfx seq 5 permit 193.xxx.zzz.0/24 le 32
ip prefix-list igppfx seq 10 permit 193.xxx.xxx.0/23 le 32
ip prefix-list igppfx seq 15 permit 193.xxx.yyy.0/22 le 32
route-map default-as35189-routes permit 10
 description Default communities for AS35189 routes and med
 set community 35189:1000
 set metric 5
 set origin igp
route-map igp-rules permit 10
 description IGP rules and meds
 set metric +5
 set origin igp

All routing about loopback and interconnecting routers is done using OSPF, and all iBGP routing is done using ebgp multihop using loopback.

core-4# sh ip bgp sum
BGP router identifier 193.xxx.xxx.3, local AS number 35189
RIB entries 576884, using 35 MiB of memory
Peers 5, using 12 KiB of memory
Peer groups 3, using 48 bytes of memory

Neighbor        V    AS MsgRcvd MsgSent   TblVer  InQ OutQ Up/Down  State/PfxRcd
193.xxx.xxx.1   4 35189   28316    6283        0    0    0 4d08h36m    19606
193.xxx.xxx.5   4 35189    6236    6283        0    0    0 4d08h37m       24

The main problem is that I have 24 routes from 193.xxx.xxx.5 that should be also redistributed into 193.xxx.xxx.1, but I got only 4 routes : the default gateway and the 3 subnet defined in network stuff.

Now when I do sh ip bgp prefix-list igppfx, I got the corrects routes that should be announced into 193.xxx.xxx.1...

Any tricks?

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