[quagga-users 11415] Re: Both Peering and Transit with same AS.

Arnold Nipper arnold at nipper.de
Sat Mar 13 15:14:08 GMT 2010

Hi Jan,

On 13.03.2010 15:30 Jan Hugo Prins wrote

> I have a peering connection with someone on a IX I'm connected to. Now I
> want to ask them to profide backup transit for me as well, but I don't
> want to stop the peering connection. Can I combine this in one BGP setup?

if you are allowed to also trade transit across the IX then you have to
do nothing. Just ask them to give you the full table and let them tag
their own prefixes so that you are able to distinguish between peering
and transit.

if you are _not_ allowed to trade transit across the IX then you need an
additional interface anyway to get the backup transit. Establish an
additional BGP session across this interface and prefer routes via peering.

HTH and tot ziens,
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