[quagga-users 11416] Re: Both Peering and Transit with same AS.

Rolf Hanßen quagga at rhanssen.de
Sat Mar 13 15:26:04 GMT 2010


that's no problem, just let him create a second session in a new /30
transfer network (if possible in a new vlan), that's easier than working
with communities/AS-path and one session.
But you should also think of how you and the other peer do the accounting
(can you measure the traffic per vlan or per nexthop). That is often the
bigger problem than the bgp.

best regards

> Hi everyone.
> I have a peering connection with someone on a IX I'm connected to. Now I
> want to ask them to profide backup transit for me as well, but I don't
> want to stop the peering connection. Can I combine this in one BGP setup?
> Jan Hugo
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