[quagga-users 11432] Re: Zebra invocation problem

Alex Broque broquea at he.net
Sat Mar 27 23:48:43 GMT 2010

aarti wrote:
> I dont know how to start the daemon. I just did "telnet localhost 
> 2601" from zebra directory in quagga.
> Could you please explain me how to start the daemon, as I dont see any 
> process running in the process list.
> Thanks.
> Aarti

Ah, ok. If you've also run 'make install' you should be able to start 
the daemon from the installed path. If you haven't, you can also try 
running it from the directory where the compiled binary is located with 
the flags: --daemon -A  -f /path/to/config_file

which will run it in daemon mode and listen on localhost and load the 
config file

 - Alex

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