[quagga-users 11433] Re: Zebra invocation problem

aarti aarrtteelolgay at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 23:58:42 GMT 2010

I already did make install. So I tried to start the zebra from the installed
path. It gives me following error.

home/:~/quagga-0.99.15/zebra$ ./zebra -f zebra.sample.conf
privs_init: could not lookup user quagga

I googled it and found that user should have access to localstate files. I
do not understand what this means?



On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Alex Broque <broquea at he.net> wrote:

> aarti wrote:
>> I dont know how to start the daemon. I just did "telnet localhost 2601"
>> from zebra directory in quagga.
>> Could you please explain me how to start the daemon, as I dont see any
>> process running in the process list.
>> Thanks.
>> Aarti
> Ah, ok. If you've also run 'make install' you should be able to start the
> daemon from the installed path. If you haven't, you can also try running it
> from the directory where the compiled binary is located with the flags:
> --daemon -A  -f /path/to/config_file
> which will run it in daemon mode and listen on localhost and load the
> config file
> - Alex
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