[quagga-users 12389] Re: Multiple quagga server and prefix problem

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Tue Aug 2 12:49:09 IST 2011

On 28/07/2011 08:55, cmorg wrote:
> I am not really clear to this state. quagga1+2+3 have round about 8800
> prefixes that are the same. I want that quagga1+2 prefered use routing the
> traffic to these 8800 prefixes over quagga3 because this is the best way.
> So i just wondering myself why quagga 1 learned every route from quagga2+3
> but quagga2 did not.
> Is there a howto or good knowledge base to learn about metrics?

I think you may need to sit down with a good introduction to BGP and work
out what's going on here.  There are lots of good quality guides available
on your favourite search engine.


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